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PRS and MU find ‘thirst for knowledge’ in the north

NXT News
9 July 2018
Daniel Jones

PERFORMANCE ROYALTY collection society PRS For Music and the Musician’s Union have been conducting a series of free workshop-style events across the North East, with performance slots available at three remaining dates on the tour at the time of going to press.

Events have so far covered Halifax and Preston, with The Dukes (cap. 313) in Lancaster, The Basement (100) in York and The Forum Music Centre (200) in Darlington yet to come.

PRS education and outreach manager for the north-east, Daniel Jones, reports that a broad programme of up-to-date subjects has thus far brought a wide variety of attendees to the events.

“The sessions are aimed at everybody, whether that be a songwriter who has just written their first song or is about to release their 100th,” he says.

“The attendance at the workshops has reflected that, with a lot of up-and-coming songwriters and composers, but also music industry veterans who want to ensure that their knowledge is still in tune with today’s musical landscape.”

Subjects include copyright, how record labels and music publishers work, and how artistes can make money from their music, with additional networking opportunities after the events.

“The sessions have gone really well so far, especially considering the weather and football,” adds Jones.

“Great attendances reflect that there’s a thirst for these kinds of events and knowledge in the north of England.”

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