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Pushing the right buttons for Dua Lipa

Production News
21 April 2018

AUDIO ENGINEER Will Nicholson is to use a DiGiCo SD5 console for the Dua Lipa tour, saying the desk’s ability to scale up for larger venues is essential to handle increased workload as the artiste’s popularity grows.

Nicholson says he has switched models between three of the manufacturer’s consoles depending on the schedule, as the singer has developed her career over the last 12 months, leading to dates including Manchester’s The O2 Apollo (3,500), Birmingham’s Genting Arena (15,700) and London’s Alexandra Palace (10,400).

“She wants her show to be exciting and dynamic, and it’s very important to her that the audience join in dancing and singing,” says Nicholson. “Alex [Cerutti, monitor engineer] and I balance consistency with individual song characteristics, and using [the DiGiCo feature] Snapshots to control both.

“Modern pop touring is characterised by two factors – time and budget. I have used an SD5, 10, and 7 on this campaign pretty seamlessly. The SD5 is my console of choice as it is such an enjoyable console to mix on.

“When the PA and the environment shift every day, its precision allows me to make quality judgements regarding the mix. And the DiGiCo preamps are great, too. As PAs improve, you can hear greater detail, and there are fewer places to hide, particularly when mixing at 96kHz. The DiGiCo gives me the right tools to deliver my mix at the right quality.”

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