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Resellers emerge from the shadows to fight their corner

7 May 2018

IN THE face of heightened scrutiny of the secondary ticketing market and a growing movement to curtail ticket touting, a new group has launched to improve the image of professional resellers.

Fair Ticketing Alliance (FTA) – a name remarkably similar to artiste-backed, anti-touting campaign group FanFair Alliance – has been established by ticket brokers calling for a trustworthy and flexible ticketing market.

“For too long, the secondary ticketing industry has been in the shadows, suffering from a poor reputation, afraid to defend itself,” says FTA chair Stephen Lee, a director of Essex-based resale operation Gigtix.

“We believe responsible commercial operators should be free to resell tickets, like consumers, without unfair restrictions,” says Lee. “In return, operators should be properly licensed and comply with the highest standards of ethics.”

FanFair Alliance (FFA) was launched in July 2016 by the managers of acts including One Direction, Mumford & Sons and Arctic Monkeys, to fight industrial scale and insider ticket touting, with widespread industry support.

“Aside from Stephen Lee and Scot Tobias, whose businesses GigTix and Worldwide Tickets, appear to list significant volumes of tickets across Get Me In! and StubHub, we’re still unclear as to who else is involved in the Fair Ticketing Alliance – other than they appear to support the views of the platforms that employ them,” says FFA’s Adam Webb.

“We wish them luck in selling the idea that mass ticket touting is in the consumer interest, or that companies involved in the practice should be given a right to resell.”

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