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Rigging without tears calms production fears

Production News
17 December 2017
Video Design's LEDs for Tears For Fears- pic Todd Kaplan

A SINGLE performance by Tears for Fears at the Royal Albert Hall (cap. 5,250) saw the band’s production team transplant an entire arena rig into the London venue from its US tour.

Designer Alex Reardon says the use of video at the hall needed a more creative approach than, as he puts it, “Where are we going to put the big telly?”

So he played with the idea of “negative space” using the video installation as a source of darkness as well as light.

“With all my work, I stick to the holy trinity of production: aesthetics, logistics and finance,” says Reardon. “I wanted something sculptural that could contribute musically.”

He decided to fly two 40ft wide rectangular frames of LED panel provided by Bedford-based Video Design, rigged at 60 degrees above the band.

“We turned the processors up higher than normal to have LED video as a source of light; and critically, as shadow,” he says.

“During the darker moments in Tears’ music, a dark rectangle interplayed with the lighting for a deeper impact. But it has to be done right. Before, in one-off situations like the Albert Hall, we’ve had terrible problems rigging the system. To their enormous credit, the team from Video Design cracked it with barely a sweat.”

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