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Robe delivers raw power to The Streets

Production News
18 March 2019

REQUIRED TO create an “intense but not too distracting” design for The Streets, Jon Trincas and Steve Hough had to rely simply on lighting to create their visual effects.

Artiste Mike Skinner, whose rap music is said to range between “total chaos and jittery calm”, insisted on no video for a show which toured venues including the O2 Academy Brixton (cap. 4,900) in London, O2 Apollo Manchester (3,500) and O2 Academy Sheffield (2,150).

The lighting duo, who work under their company name Co1ab, chose Spikies and Spiider LED wash beams by Czech Republic-based manufacturer Robe, mounting them in 15 custom-made pods flown in three rows of five.

The lowest pods were ground supported, with the top two rows flown above on special steels, fabricated by lighting provider Lights Control Rigging (LCR), based in Blackburn.

Each pod contained eight Spikies, two Spiiders, three Hexalines and an LED strobe creating a lighting wall at the back of the set.

According to Trincas, the structural look “ticked all the boxes”, while Hough adds, “Whether it was the massive Spikie looks or a single shaft of spot light, we could retain the essential rawness at the core of this show.”

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