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SAS upgrades to arenas

8 October 2018

INVESTMENT IN a full-sized Martin Audio MLA system by Stourbridge-based Stage Audio Services (SAS) allowed the company to deploy a smaller system at Shambala Festival (cap. 15,000), yet provide better coverage than previous years, according to SAS MD Kevin Mobberley.

Acquiring the system also, says the company, gives it capacity to provide arena-sized shows.

At Shambala, SAS replaced the 12 MLA Compact per side it used last year, with eight full-size MLA per side. This was augmented by left and right stage stacks of four MLA Compacts to ensure even coverage across the wide stage. Ten MLX subs across the front of the stage boosted the low frequencies.

“The system sounded really clean and the intelligibility and detail were outstanding,” says SAS system tech Nat Hopking.

“This was especially important for events like this including eclectic world music, with so much unusual instrumentation requiring definition.”

Mobberley adds, “The large-scale MLA provided us with a fantastic amount of headroom and ensured we didn’t need delays. By acquiring the system we are now firmly in the Martin Audio family. With the facility to run it alongside our MLA Compact as outfills, we now have a year-round arena-sized system, which will enable us to expand our client portfolio.”

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