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Several upgrades for Under The Bridge

Production News
25 September 2019

THE 550-capacity Under The Bridge (UTB) live music venue located at Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge stadium in west London, has revealed a technical upgrade comprising a new LED wall, LED lighting and audio system.

The wall, a 3.9mm Pitch LED, improves video resolution at the venue to 1080p, while the lighting rig includes LED spots and fresnels to allow for “a host” of colour mixing options, according to the venue’s creative manager Alan Tenenbaum.

“We are one of the first venues in the country to use Clay Paky’s new wash and beam fixtures, the B-EYE K23 and Mini B,” he says. “The positioning of these will enable lighting options from all angles in the venue and allow clients to highlight any chosen space.”

Visiting audio engineers for artistes including The Christians, Secret Affair and The Blow Monkeys will also enjoy a Shure Axient Digital wireless system, and high-performance RF.

““Since Under The Bridge launched in 2011, we’ve taken great pride being one of the UK’s most unique and technically advanced, mid-sized, multi-purpose venues,” says Tenenbaum.

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