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Shake-up and Chic for Wilderness

Festival News
15 March 2018
Rory Bett

THE CEO of Live Nation Entertainment (LNE) subsidiary MAMA Festivals, which organises the 30,000-capacity Wilderness, says he’s prepared to “throw the site plan in the air” in a bid to keep the event fresh.

Rory Bett, who stayed with MAMA Festivals when LNE acquired MAMA & Company two years ago, tells Festival the approach is in keeping with the event’s ethos of personal renewal, gourmet food and well-being activities, as well as live music.

“As people experience festivals they become open to new opportunities, which is exciting,” he says. “Although it’s a supremely competitive environment, festivals have become part of the summer culture and people are already making festival decisions – maybe they’ll choose two or three over the summer, at least one of which will be camping.”

Alongside headliners Nile Rodgers & Chic, Bastille and Mike Pickering, new features this year will include a night games area under ultra-violet light, a food experience and a vaudeville stage, as well as the “ultimate rock ‘n’ roll stage”, the Hereafter.

Bett says sales were up by 25 per cent before any line-up was announced, with tickets now costing £179.50.

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