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The O2’s golden tickets

19 November 2019

AEG’S FLAGSHIP arena The O2 (cap. 21,000) has sold its 25,000,000th  ticket after a run of sell-out concerts from Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Muse.

Since opening in 2007 the venue has hosted more than 2,000 performances and now averages over 200 events a year, including music, sport and comedy.

“To reach the 25 million ticket milestone is a huge achievement and we’re so grateful to have hosted so many artistes for the first time this year,” says the venue’s vice-president of programming Emma Bownes.

Highlights of 2019 include a seven-show residency by Drake in April, a record-breaking attendance for Metallica in October with 22,211 fans watching and The Vamps’ fifth consecutive year of playing the venue.

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