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Unico approach to Snow Patrol

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18 March 2019
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USING LIGHTING to change the size and shape of the stage on Snow Patrol’s Wilderness tour, show designer Davy Sherwin needed a fixture with a strong beam, capable of standing out against the “psychedelic” visuals of the video screen.

After providing him with some initial ideas the band gave him considerable scope to create a look for the show, which visited venues including The O2 (cap. 21,000) in London, Arena Birmingham (15,800) and The SSE Hydro (13,000) in Glasgow.

“Sometimes the band gives me a starting point for a design, and I build on that,” says Sherwin. “It’s a collaborative process, but mainly I have a lot of freedom in the design process.”

He chose a Claypaky Scenius Unico as the only moving light on the production, both for key lighting and to change the dynamics of the stage, rigging them on both a front truss and two automated trusses above the stage.

“The main reason for choosing the Scenius Unico was its unrivalled brightness,” he explains. “The Unico cut through the screen with no trouble at all. It has great colours, especially primary colours, and the beam was perfect.”

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