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8 May 2018

CLOTHING BRAND Superdry has announced its entry into the emerging live music market, teaming up with Vision Nine – the group responsible for events including Boardmasters (cap. 50,000) and NASS festival (15,000) – which will involve the curation of stages across numerous European festivals.

Boardmasters’ business development director Les Seddon-Brown, is quick to point out that the initiative goes far further than a simple branding exercise.

“We’ve worked with numerous brands over the years and Superdry have been particularly good to kick things off with,” he says.

“That to begin with has meant picking out emerging acts to act as essentially ambassadors for Superdry – they’ll end up featuring in advertising replacing the usual modelling shoots, perform at in-store events across the year and appear on stages internationally.”

Those stages include those owned by Vision Nine, with a view to expansion as the initiative kicks into gear, says Seddon-Brown.

“We’ve begun with a selection of artistes from different styles and genres that we’ve picked out through our experience in live music, and long-term will be looking to extend that roster.

“In terms of live shows, we’ll be working with our contacts to look towards curating Superdry stages at numerous festivals, to push the artistes on as big and broad a scale as possible.”

The current line-up of artistes includes Timmy Xu, Ami Carmine, Au/Ra and Santino Le Saint.

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