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Waving goodbye with Colour Sound

Production News
22 November 2018

SOFT CELL’S farewell concert at The O2 (cap. 21,000) in London used a high, narrow stage to display the band’s 1980s artwork, while the image magnification (IMAG) side screens were designed to be a seamless part of the display, according to lighting designer Rob Sinclair.

While the Stufish-designed set required an edgy, modern look, ruling out artistically “safe” solutions, he says, the rig needed to be installed and taken down in a day.

“It was a fine balance,” says Sinclair. “You have to be bold and ambitious in these scenarios. If we only put in what was guaranteed to be rigged easily in time, the results would be safer but a whole lot blander.”

He called on west London’s Colour Sound Experiment to install the nine by nine-metre box truss clad in a pink metallic-finished fabric suspended abobe the stage on six Kinesys Elevation 1+ motors.

“I wanted lots of fixtures on the rig,” he says. Thirty-six Robe BMFLs were hung around the box truss with 174 Martin Sceptrons used to line the bottom of the truss, plus the two wing trusses stage left and right being the main profile.”  Thirty-six of these were hung around the box truss.

The design supplemented The O2’s in-house stage with a small thrust built by Brilliant, which was also lined with Sceptrons. Other fixtures included GLP JDC1 LED strobes, Novalight Super Novas and Robe Spiiders.

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