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West London space lets in labels

NXT News
5 June 2018
Alex Morley

THE LABEL Lodge, an Association of Independent Music (AIM) initiative that sees members host weekly pop-up residencies in Jäger Soho (cap. 200), London, has gotten underway to enthusiastic reactions.

Following its debut last year, the space will feature residences by UK independent labels including 4AD, Sunday Best, Holy Roar, Wichita, Partisan and Wah Wah 45s, running through to 15 July.

AIM events manager Alex Morley says that as with last year, labels have been presenting their emerging artistes in a variety of ways to great effect.

“The Label Lodge is a great opportunity for AIM members to host a physical space in the heart of London – selling exclusive merch, running workshops, hosting radio shows, exhibiting artwork and creating special moments for both labels and fans,” he says.

“The Jager Soho space is the perfect setting for labels to get creative, flaunt their work and set up shop for a week-long residency.”

Still to come are weeks hosted by Women in CTRL, Sunday Best and Partisan, among others.

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