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On The Beat – Paul Croan

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16 January 2018
Paul Croan

Scouting the frontline - Alex Tronic Records, Edinburgh



When joined the company:


Company signings:

Shuna Lovelle, Alex Tronic, Snakestyle and Neu Gestalt

Among favourite emerging acts:

I like Emma Woods and The Ninth Wave, both Glasgow acts

Favourite venues for seeing unsigned acts:

The Liquid Rooms, La Belle Angelle and Edinburgh University

Importance of playing live:

"It's really important for bands and DJs to maintain a live presence in the days of streaming and declining sales. Most bands are quite savvy when it comes to selling their merchandising at gigs these days. If you're a studio act then I guess you have to use this thing called the internet to keep your profile up or otherwise you are "Donald Ducked"."

Best advice to unsigned act managers:

"Be nice and try to have fun. Know when to avoid the bulls**t train."

Emerging new acts on the label:

We are currently promoting the Alex Tronic & Shuna Lovelle single Feels Like Falling to be released on 15 January.

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